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What To Wear

Always consider the weather conditions when deciding what to wear/bring on your adventure.

Our trained instructors all wear high visibility bright colours for visibility on the water.

Upper Body

We recommend a combination of one or more close fitting tops (Tank, short sleeve Tee, Long Sleeve tee), that will keep you warm/ cool enough for the conditions and most importantly not get in the way of your moving blade handles. Think cycling or running wear that you don’t mind getting damp! If it’s windy, then you can use a close fitting cycling jacket or sailing wind/water proof.

We do not recommend any tops with open pockets eg: hoodies, as the pockets can be a blade a handle trap!

Lower Body

Quick drying shorts or leggings are perfect for being able to get in and out of the boat and to move freely on the sliding seat. In winter you can layer up more than one pair or wear neoprene shorts/ bibbed leggings.


Trainers or water shoes/ booties or anything similar that you don’t mind getting wet. In winter, we definitely recommend waterproof socks.


You should consider sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat/ visor and a water bottle that can be fastened to your deck near to your feet.

In winter, we recommend pogies (wind and water resistant hand covers), neck warmers and warm close fitting hats.

We will provide a dry bag for your valuables (keys and phone) unless you prefer to use your own and fasten them to your GlideSolo deck.

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