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Donegal Bay Coastal Adventures

Our aim is to make coastal rowing accessible to all and to provide safe, fun access to Donegal Bay.

We provide coaching and guidance using stable, coastal sculls for all abilities, from complete novices to seasoned rowers wanting to explore our beautiful historic bay.  Give Coastal Rowing a try so you are well prepared should you then wish to buy your own boat or join your local club.

  • Rowing Adventures is mobile so locations can be varied in accordance with risk assessment/ weather conditions and water access points. All of our equipment can be transported either in a small open trailer. 

  • We have sourced coastal sculls that are robust and stable with good response. These boats encourage a relaxed and positive experience, so vital particularly when learning something new or wanting to relax and EXPLORE in varied conditions.

  • Our programme aims to be wholly inclusive and we welcome queries/feedback to ensure that this is delivered.

  • The Learn. Explore. Compete. programme is designed to be progressive and encourages appropriate and safe challenge within each thread.

  • The majority of coaching will be delivered from a scull, sometimes from a rib and the intro for some sessions may start out on land.


About Us

We are committed to the protection of our environment on the Wild Atlantic Way

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Our Mission

Make coastal rowing accessible to all and to provide safe, fun access to Donegal Bay.

Our Vision

We believe coastal rowing is a unique sport and Donegal Bay a beautiful location in which to explore the actual Wild Atlantic Way.  

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